About us

Agentia de detectivi particulari Total Investigatii are ca obiect servicii detectivi particulari, activitati de investigare pentru persoane fizice, si juridice la preturi rezonabile, dar si investigatii economice, verificare loialitate personal, investigatii contrafaceri, audit de securitate, identificare bunuri si probe in instanta, infidelitate conjugala.

Our agency performs the entire range of investigations, professionally, promptly and with maximum of confidentiality. Here are few of the problems at which our detectives can very easy find solving:

  • Do you suspect that your partner has become unfaithful?

  • Is your business partner disloyal?

  • Do your employees give you reasons of distrust?

  • Do you know the entourage and concerns of your children?

  • Do you want to elucidate the disappearance of a person?

  • Do you suspect a leak of information in your company and that you lose money?

  • Do you look for necessary evidence in trials?

  • Would you like to identify the goods which are objects of litigations and may be disposed in order to cause damages to you?

  • Do you need other services of which you couldn't talk to your family or friends?

With our team of PRIVATE DETECTIVES you can find out THE TRUTH because an informed man is hundred times stronger than people in contact with him.